Intellichart for Windows with UGC mounted in drafting table.

Integrator Service is a full featured company that has the customer in mind.  We have been is business for 15 years and have a world wide customer base. We want to be of service to all of the Gas Measurement Industry.

We manufacture new Integrators ( Ultra Flow I and Ultra Flow II ) plus we can convert the Flow Measurement 2000K or the UGC Chart Processor  to be the most modern, up to date Chart Reader in the Industry.

Established in 1986, Integrator Service Inc. was founded to service the Flow Measurement Co. integration equipment , models 1000, 2000, 2000K, Circular Chart Averager, and the Strip Chart Averager.

We have expanded our service to U.G.C. Chart Processor’s and through our sister companies, Flow Thru Electronics’, Innovative Development Systems, and Amatec LLC, have developed software upgrades form Chart 3 DOS System, Intellachart Windows 3.11 and Windows 95, Chart5 Windows NT for Integration and the AMATEC EGM editor for all brands of electronic meters.

We offer on site service for all integration equipment and in the U.S. and Canada we offer service agreement’s that furnish on site service and all parts on an annual basis.

We manufacture our own circuit boards and parts for the integration equipment. The reason we  do this is to assure of quality and performance to take the everyday use of measurement equipment.

For more information on our sister companies and their products please select the company on our Products & Services.