Integrator Service Inc.

Esatblished in 1986 Integrator Service Inc. was founded to service the Flow Measurement Co. Integration equipment models 2000, 2000K, 1000, circular chart averager, and the strip chart averager. We manufacture circuit boards and parts for the integration equipment.


We have expanded our service to U.G.C. integration equipment and through our sister companies Flow Thru Electronics, Innovative Development Systems and Amatec L.L.C. have developed software upgrades from Chart 3 DOS system, Intellachart Windows 3.1/ Windows 95, Chart5 Windows NT for integrator’s and the AMATEC EGM editor for all brands of electronic meters.


We offer onsite service for all integration equipment and in the U.S. and Canada, we offer service agreements that furnish onsite service and all parts on an annual basis.


Flow Thru Electronics Corporation

Established in 1989 as a circuit board manufacture for Integrator Service Inc. Flow Thru changed venue and became a research and development company for integration software. Developing a DOS based integrator software called Chart 3 we began converting 2000K integrators to computers. In the design phase we wanted an integrator package that allowed the operator to back up and correct mistakes, operate in ONE PEN INTEGRATION, add edited temperature run and store data on the hard drive. In 1991 we released the Chart 3 software


As Microsoft released Windows we started developing the Chart 5 software using Windows 3.1. We renamed the 16 bit version to Intellachart and in 1996 rewrote the 16 bit version to 32 bit and developed the NT system with an agreement with Praxis Instruments to develop a total system for the integrator, being controlled by the meter master data base. The system called PGAS and the integration package called Chart 5.


In 1999 Inovative Development bought the rights to Chart 3 and the Intellachart 16 bit version and continues to maintain the software. Flow Thru Electronics Corp. continues to support the Chart 5 NT version for the PGAS system and works with Hanover Measurement Service’s PGAS division for marketing and maintenance.


Innovative Development Systems, Inc.

Innovative Development Systems established in 1994, does maintenance of the Intellachart and Chart 3 software systems, and customizes software to interface the Chart 3 and Intellachart to special software. The control software that Chart 3 and Intellachart now works with is, MIPS, BMP, M.C.I.S. Eagle and several individual systems.


Innovative Development Systems has the Engineering and software support to design systems for gas measurement and gas calculation. If there are any special software or hardware modifications I.D.S. has the capability to handle most situations.




Don Smith and Bill Heart own AMATEC LLC. Don Smith who owns Integrator Service Inc. and Flow Thru Electronics Corp. went into partnership with Bill Hart who owns Datalog to form AMATEC LLC. Bill Hart is a electronics engineer with a back ground in oil and gas controls and measurement controls. He engineers and builds all our circuit boards and is responsible for the maintenance of our software for the Integrator systems we provide. Integrator Service is proud to represent this product.