I.M.S.- The Intellachart32 and the Amatec E.G.M. Editor are now joined to produce a full functing system call INTELLACHART MEASUREMENT SYSTEM.  This makes it possible to integrate charts and produce the data the same way as your EGM data.

Colorflow – DOS version, the conversion works on Flow Measurement model 2000K and UGC CHART PROCESSOR electronic integrators.  There is also a Monochrome version that has been used since 1994.

AMATEC E.G.M. Editor – Available drivers,  Applied Automation, Fisher/Roc, Barton (BEM), Daniels, Bristol, SuperFlow. Capable of exporting Volume Data to PGAS and MCIS and Access and Excel databases.
Intellichart – A windows version of Chart3 with many enhanced features. This is a Stand Alone Version (Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 only)
Positive Displacement – PD Software written in DOS to calculate PD meters charts. Self calibrates on loop or scallops. Runs pressure in pounds and temperature in degrees.
Chart 5 – Flow Thru Electronics conversion written for Windows NT and developed for the PGAS System.
2000K Integrators – Used Flow Measurement Integrators that have been reconditioned and carry a ninety (90) day warrentry.
Delineator 12K Scanner – New or Used (used when available)
UGC Ultra Scan – New or Used (used when available) also used Micro Scans (when available)
Pen Arms – New style Pen Arms for the UltraFlow I and UltraFlow II, plus the 2000K Integrator, that use the Pilot V Point ink pens, readily available.