Colorflow – DOS Integration program

– Color Display with Red for Differential, Blue for Pressure, and
Green for Tempature lines.

– Setup proceedures are in plain wording and not in code. This
helps make it very user frendly.

– Most changes can be made with a few key strokes using the
menus provided on the left side of the screen.


ONE PEN INTEGRATION: You have the option of 1 or 2 pen true integration with the temperature editing to the actual flow.

REVERSE CAPABILITY: Reverse chart rotation capabilities to correct a missed portion without having to rerun the entire chart.

CHART PRINTING: Chart printing of not only totals but day breaks and offset info can be printed on the chart for a permanent record.

RECALCULATE: The Recalculate feature is for working with audit charts and other changes that may need to be done after the chart has been read without rerunning it.

AUTOMATIC SAVING OF DATA: Automatic saving of data to the hard drive storage and transmission to other servers for volume calculation.